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Paint Shakers

From: Deek & Pokee
Date: 3/12/00 9:49:57 AM
We are looking for information on 5 gallon Paint Shakers. New or used preferably new. Any info, would be appreciated.


Date: 3/12/00 7:07:27 PM
Welcome, Yes a shaker is great to own, no more stirring your butt off, and the paint is smooth no crap to clog your filter. I have a RED DEVIL paint conditioner model 5033. I believe they still make this model. Call them at 1-800-221-1083 They are located in Minneapolis MN. I shake all my alkyd paint the day I use it. Even old paint comes out smooth. Good luck, THE OLD PRO.





Push Blowers

From: Larry Katz
Date: 3/21/00 7:36:29 PM
Has anyone actually used both the Billy Goat and Little Wonder blowers? Does one perform better than the other?


From: Bookman
Date: 3/22/00 8:29:04 PM
For striping purposes, I still prefer a backpack blower to a wheeled type because it does a much better job of clearing cracks - specifically cigarette butts and pine needles. I guess next month's issue of Pavement magazine will have the "advomercial" about Billy Goat blowers. Keep in mind that it's an advertising format as opposed to an objective comparison of different brands.

Blowers are pretty much the same within each horsepower range, such as 5, 8, 16 h.p., etc. BUT check out the manufacturer's brochures for wind velocity and Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) air movement for side-by-side comparison.

I've used blowers for over 25 years and used different brands. I owned a 5 hp Billy Goat once, and found it versatile but underpowered. Can't remember what I did with it, probably gave it away like my Billy Goat vacuum! Vacuums are too inefficient to mess with. Use a blower to corral the trash and leaves in piles & scoop them up with a grain scoop. Look for VERSATILITY. There are 2 types. As I recall, both Billy Goat and Little Wonder enable you to select side discharge or front discharge. My preference is the 8 hp Parker Hurricane series with a rotating discharge chute that covers about a 210° radius. I point the chute straight up & blow leaves off trees & shrubs that are going to fall into my sealer or paint. Or, I rotate the chute 210° & clear wet leaves & trash more effectively than if the chute was parallel to the parking lot.

And look for a parking brake! Last year, some guy wrote Pavement mag about that & Pavement gave a Parker rep an opportunity to reply. The stupid SOB said, "Parking brakes are unnecessary if the engine is in time and the impeller is balanced." Obviously he's never used one of his blowers on an incline, and we know he's never worked in San Francisco! Thank God those marvelous people at Graco aren't that stupid! Which, by the way, is one more reason why contractors prefer Gracos.


From: Fonz
Date: 3/22/00 11:24:45 PM
Hey Bookman!!!...I know what you mean about that rotating blower discharge chute! What a great Invention!!! ........I got me 3 bikini tops one time doing a lot near a Holiday Inn pool!!!!!...........Probably need the 13 hp set up for the bottoms though!!!


From: Don
Date: 3/29/00 6:39:58 AM
We own several Billy Goats from 11-16 hp. They have been very reliable and performed well. I haven't used the little wonder but I wouldn't trust their ads showing it blowing a block up a ramp (any test like that on any equipment can be rigged if the test is designed by the people that make the product)


From: MI Striper
Date: 4/2/00 11:45:19 AM
Don, I haven't seen the ad but I've used little wonder blowers and they probably could blow a wood block up a ramp. That's the problem with them. If you need to blow off a large open area they are the best. On the other hand, you must constantly adjust the speed when around obstacles or the debris will hit the obstacle and blow right back to where it was. Plus, they are LOUD! Billy Goats are powerful enough to perform, quieter than little wonders, built as well and cheaper.





paint stir/ thinner

From: RonSon Ent. Greg Kennedy
Date: 4/18/00 9:30:50 PM
does any one use a rechargeable drill with a paddle on it to stir their paint?

can I use naphtha from my local hardware store to thin and clean my paint and gear, or do I have to use the naphtha they use at the paint store?


From: jpanz
Date: 4/18/00 9:40:22 PM
I tried the cordless drill once. The oil based is to thick and kills the batteries real fast. The only time I mix the paint is when it sits for a while, then I mix them before I leave for the job. Now I can a 1800 generator and a 1/2 chuck drill. If I find a bad pail I can mix it then or to run lights.

As long as the thinner is the same type, you can buy it anywhere.



From: Don
Date: 4/19/00 9:35:20 AM
Like Jim I never have to stir, I just have SW shake the paint for me or buy mfgr. direct so it's fresh. I wouldn't use naphtha for thinning though, For some paints mineral spirits is better (common paint thinner) for Chlorinated rubber Toluene is best. Lacquer thinner can speed up drying times over mineral spirits in conventional alkyds but it weakens the paint slightly because of the speedy evaporation. (all these products are basically the same no matter what brand or where you buy them) I don't know about your paint store but at most paint stores if you have a commercial account things like thinner will be much cheaper there than at the hardware store.





Small Concrete Planer

From: Mike
Date: 6/22/00 11:20:07 PM
Where can I buy a new or used concrete planer for line removal. Will a 5 hp 8" (modified to 5")Approx.120 pound work to remove lines from black top or surface prep concrete? I can buy a this new 5hp for $1400.00 I think it will be to light. Can anyone tell me if it will work or not. Thank you!!!


From: Robert Liles
Date: 6/23/00 6:21:42 AM
I have a Von Arx FR200, it works as advertised. Here's a link: Also check out Smith at





Green laser pointers

From: Barknee
Date: 11/20/00 6:18:43 PM
Has anyone tried the green laser pointers, which are supposed to be brighter, in daylight conditions on asphalt?


From: sdechene
Date: 11/25/00 6:15:45 PM
We are currently testing a prototype on one of our paint trucks. It works great! Bright, easy to see on all surfaces, remote aiming, no special glasses needed. But, very expensive.

Lasers ????

From: TomTom
Date: 11/21/99 9:30:52 PM
I am looking for a laser that has a green light instead of the red one. Where could I buy one? Where would I look for information on these?


From: sdechene
Date: 11/21/99 9:31:22 PM
Happened across a green laser pointer at The Edge Co. Not sure if this is what you're looking for. Check it out at : Item # TI - 4000.





sore feet

From: broncobilly
Date: 1/7/00 1:23:28 PM

This subject may not apply to many, but for those with achy knees/ankles/feet I'm sure you empathize. I have been striping for four years now and I have always worn sneakers for comfort. However, over the years I have dropped many a paint can, bumper block on my toes. Can anyone suggest a boot that compares to the comfort of a sneaker, specifically to be used on asphalt or concrete all day? A model with a low cut would be preferable. Thanks-


From: robert
Date: 1/7/00 5:22:26 PM

How about steel toe sneakers? Several work boot companies make them. Look for stores that sell industrial footware. I know several people that like either Hy-Test or Iron Age steel toe tennies.


From: Jim
Date: 1/11/00 6:43:08 AM

Personally, I wear Thorough good shoes. I prefer the 3/4 length with steel toes. They do offer low cuts in many styles with and without steel toes. I can walk all day with no problems, and the cost is reasonable.





Chalk spreader

Date: 7/7/00 12:40:05 AM

Does anyone know if someone makes a chalk spreader for doing athletic fields if they choose not to go with paint?


Date: 7/7/00 8:19:50 AM